Jacob Robinson- International Science Fair

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One of our eighth grade students got to experience something new this year. He put a lot of thought and effort to get his science fair project to go all the way to internationals. His name is Jacob Robinson, but you might know him from this years play, Adams Family. His project was different, which made him go far.

I got to interview him and ask how it all went . The first question was: what was your project about? His answer to this question was, ” My project was about how household products are polluting the Great Salt Lake and lowering the population of Brine shrimp in the Great Salt Lake.” I don’t know how he got this idea, but it was brilliant! The second question was: Did you enjoy doing this project? His answer was simple, ” O yeah it was a blast!” The next question is:  How was the International Science Fair? He answered, ” I’m not going to be competing my self. I’m going to go as an observer. Which is, well that’s what eighth graders can do. We have all of the fun, but none of the stress of actually competing.” Did you enjoy getting ready to observe? “Yeah. It was kinda fun but meeting all the people that were going was kinda like: odd.” The last question I asked him was: Is science your favorite subject and why? “O ya its my favorite subject. I love it. Why? My mother is a scientist. She is a zoologist and biologist and she’s a college professor. So I guess its been part of my life since I was little.”

The other person I asked to interview was his science teacher, Ms. Herland. I asked her: How do you feel about Jacobs project going to internationals for science fair? She replied with, ” I am extremely proud of him. He worked really hard, it was creative as well as very scientific. I’m delighted.”

Jacob did a lot to get his project to go far. Not only was he able to learn, but he got to experience something new.

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