Game Reviews: Grand Theft Auto

The Crime-Game

Jordan Baird, Writer

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story gtavGrand theft auto is a sandbox game with many story-line options including options to do “heists” in which you can earn money, “races” where you unlock new cars and car equipment, and more.

Well, this game is an overall awesome, violent game.  The graphics are amazing especially in the PC version of the game, “GTA V Next Generation”.

The plot sequence has amazing quality, really funny jokes and adult humor, and it likes to break “the fourth wall” a lot.

Many gamers would like the way the game is set up because it is third person point of view but has an option for first person.

Many players play this game and most of them enjoy this game.  It’s incredibly dense with excellent content.

With so much to do, explore, and play with, both in single-player and multiplayer, plus great creative tools.

Besides, we should appreciate one of the first video games that made it big.

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