Ms. Edwards – Math is no problem!

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Ms. Edwards – Math is no problem!

Shahab Khan, Writer

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I love math because of how much I love to solve problems. ”

— Ms. Edwards

Ms. Edwards is a new teacher here at DaVinci Academy this is her very first year here. She is a math teacher, she became a math teacher because she wants to share her knowledge with others to help them succeed. ” I want to get to know the kids I teach”. She will most likely not retire as a teacher but still wants to help as many people as possible before she has to leave.

Although most people see Math teachers as boring or think that they only watch Math related movies at home, this one is different. Ms. Edwards likes to do many fun things that many people find enjoyable. She goes running, snowboarding, rock climbing and does Yoga these are very fun indeed but one things about her is very interesting.

She may not be here next year because she is trying to become a doctor and after a few test and etc she will join Doctor’s Without Boarders! They are a group of doctors that go to third world countries and help with medical care.

Ms. Edwards was born and raised here in Ogden and Major in math in college. ” I love math because of how much I love to solve problems.” Her favorite color is Turquoise, Her favorite food is Pho which is a Vietnamese dish and her all-time Favorite movie is Inception, most of the time she prefers dark coffee over coffees with lots of sugar in them, because it is a healthier life style.

She loves to go hiking with her dog, running helps her relief stress and helps her focus on more important things other than the small little things that can get to our head. Ms. Edwards dreams to one day go to Paris, “because it is beautiful and such an amazing place.” We wish her the very best and maybe one day she will be in Paris with Doctor’s Without Borders! She is a very great teacher!



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