Lorie’s Grandbaby

Junaid Naveed, Reporter

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Last week, on Tuesday, our school had an interesting visitor, nothing like the eclectic group we normally have. As students walked past the main office in the morning, they caught sight on an infant: snuggled in a car seat, atop the marble counter. It’s not seldom we see young children, cradled in their mother’s arms or running down the hallways in a similar fashion to a high schooler about to be late, but this instance was unique. It was the five month old grand-daughter of Mrs. Lorie Ross, who presides over the office.

The young infant’s parents needed to leave town and Grandma Lorie was ‘the only one they trusted her with” amongst other family members. When asked why this is the case, she gave a scolding laugh and responded:

Because I’m me … If you had a baby, who would you trust her to be with. Really think about it. Who is going to take best care of the baby? (Sic)

Having the responsibility, Mrs. Ross was limited to working for only the first half of the day. Nonetheless, the care-taking process went smoothly and with such ease. There were no interruptions and she behaved properly. Mrs. Ross wasn’t surprised by that because “she is a good girl,” hinting to previous experience. She would definitely do it again because of that and she is family, which is irresistible.

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