Spunky Spatig

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Spunky Spatig

Elizabeth Wharton, Editor in Chief

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Shantel Spatig, one of the newest additions to the DaVinci family, teaches math to eighth and ninth graders.

Spatig came to DaVinci because she and her husband were moving to North Ogden. “ I saw a math position open at an art school and I love math and art so that is why I chose to work here and I am glad I did.” Although she hasn’t worked here long enough, she does wish that the classes were a little bit longer.

Spatig enjoys drawing, painting, running, hiking, soccer, ultimate frisbee, country swing dancing, and the outdoors. “Since I have been married and now have a 2-year-old little girl, I still like those things but I don’t do them as much. I now love to play with my daughter, whatever she likes to do. Whether it’s play with dolls, or cars, or go outside.” She also enjoys watching TV shows with her husband. Some of their favorites are Graceland, Blacklist, Criminal Minds, Grimm, Arrow, How I Met Your Mother, and Bones.

Here at DaVinci, Spatig would be an art student despite being a math teacher. She’s not a fan of science, but she does “love to draw and paint.” “I also like the theater. I like to dance so I would say an art student.”

Spatig became a teacher because she was inspired by her own. “When I was in junior high and high school, I decided I wanted to help people, and I watched as all my teachers made a difference in who I could become and I wanted to do that for others. I have always been really good at math and so I set out to be a teacher.” Her professor, Jim Cangelosi, is the head of inspiration. “He is the math teacher I want to be one day.”

However, teaching wasn’t always so easy for her. Her first year was the hardest time of her life. “I was a new teacher and I was pregnant and had my little girl that year so it was a tough year but it taught me a lot about what kind of teacher I want to be.”

Having her little girl and getting married was the happiest moments of her life. She wishes that she could be with her daughter more. “As a working mom, I feel like I don’t get to be with her very much.” She hopes that in the future, she can move into her own house and be a stay-at-home mom.

Spatig offers some advice to students. “You can do anything you put your mind to and never take anything for granted. Learning is a joy. When school is done, you will have wished you took more time to learn.”

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