Micki Balaich

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Micki Balaich has been working at DaVinci Academy for three years, teaching math. She graduated from Weber State University in 2011, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math Teaching and a Minor in Music. When she first started college, she thought she was going into the medical field. She soon realized that she would rather pursue a career in music than one in a medical field. She changed her mind again at the last moment, settling for mathematics.

Micki Balaich“By the end of that school year, although I had a lot of fun, I decided the music program was just not right for me. I had been working as a math tutor (my first job ever) so my mom suggested I try taking some math classes. Let’s just say that after a couple of semesters of taking math classes I was hooked and never turned back. [sic]”

Micki is staying at DaVinci because of the support she receives from her colleagues, and because of the smaller classes which allow for more personalized learning.

“Anytime I need help with a lesson plan or need advice about something I can always count on them. but another wonderful aspect about working here is how the environment allows for the teachers to really care about their students.  Speaking from experience it is hard to find a place where this really happens. When I was student teaching, the classes had almost 40 kids, and while they had options for tutoring, there were just too many kids for how many teachers there were… I guess my point is that Davinci definitely has a lot of support and options for students that you won’t get at another school.”

Micki says the only negative thing about working here is the negative attitude of some of the students.

Micki Balaich enjoys activities such as hiking, playing clarinet, being with her family, traveling, and watching The Big Bang Theory.


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