Jordan Baird: Robotics, Programming, and Engineering

Nick Marigoni, Copy Editor

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Jordan Baird, one of DaVinci’s 10th graders, has been part of the DaVinci family since 7th grade. He has also been on the robotics team since 8th grade and has enjoyed doing it ever since. He enjoys building robots with the team and likes to work on their projects. Also, he happens to be the sibling of a former graduate, Shaniya Baird. Some things that he likes about DaVinci would be the “classes, people, the learning experience.” Ever since he’s been here, he has thought of it as “amazing”, to sum it up in one word. He is very good with computers and programming as well.

His favorite subject in school is science, which would explain why he likes robotics, because it involves a lot of science. His favorite food would be pizza and he likes to play video games and go bike riding. As for music, he likes pop and rock genres. Some goals that he has set for life would be to go to Weber State University and get a bachelor’s degree in engineering and then go to Cal Poly Tech in California and finish up with his master’s degree. As an adult, he would like to be a mechanical engineer, so the degree in engineering would definitely help.

Currently in his robotics class, he is working on a project of making a website. It will be called “” and it will be for selling 3D prints.

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