DaVinci Student Newspaper established as a public forum

DaVinci's Notebook

  • Three Weeks left of School

  • Cheer Clinics this week!

  • DaVinci Family assembly brings us all home

  • Quarter Ends and Teachers get a Workday

  • Basketball Teams Announced

Upbeat Beauty
Makayla, a shy girl at first but once you get to know her she turns into an upbeat, alpha-female. She’s an all around girl that likes pretty much any food, her favorite animals are giraffes and elephants, she likes dancing, reading, writing, and volleyball. Peach is this 17 year olds favorite color. Mrs. Taylor is her favorite teacher at DaVinci. She’s been going to DaVinci for two years and likes it because, it’s unique and you can express yourself without being judged. This sister of five other siblings has lived in Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Las Vegas, Colorado, and Utah of course! Her favorite movie is A Walk To Remember. She is scared to drive but hey who isn’t? By Autumn Matern

Makayla Hansen, Senior Ed

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DaVinci Student Newspaper established as a public forum