DaVinci Student Newspaper established as a public forum

DaVinci's Notebook

  • Three Weeks left of School

  • Cheer Clinics this week!

  • DaVinci Family assembly brings us all home

  • Quarter Ends and Teachers get a Workday

  • Basketball Teams Announced

Ashton started her eighth grade year searching for a class that was both challenging and creative. She decided to join Da Vinci's newspaper team. This is her first year and she is still learning all of the rules, but she is passionate about her writing. Ashton practices writing almost everyday and doesn't turn down the opportunity to write more. Many of her work gets trashed, revised, and sometimes (in appropriate situations) burned. But when she throws it out it's usually for a good reason. Ashton plans on continuing newspaper and pursuing a future career in the journalism field. To reflect on my year in Publications, newspaper specifically, I would say that it has given me many qualities to become a reputable journalist. I have learned a lot about article writing, interviewing, and deadlines, but I have also leaned much more than just these things. Discipline in a positive way is definitely a main focus. It takes a lot of work to understand that you have a responsibility and that your being counted on and if you run late on an article, it impacts the paper. Another trait that I've acquired from this class is being able to accept criticism, take it in, and use it for your own good. Writing demands you to be brave enough to share your work and strong enough to deal with the edits. This is something that I will hold onto for the rest of my writing career. I even gained some brand new things while in this class. I have remained pretty clam and was surprised at how patient I could actually be. Not everyone in the class is a close friend, but some of the teammates I've gotten to know better. (I'm not exactly the social type. It distracts from working.) My undiscovered blog site kicked off during the winter of 2015 and has know claimed the title, "English Fanatics". A gain that has payed off in being able to write - more! Seeing that these have been granted to me, display the hard work I feel that I have put into this class. The tears, friends, freakouts, and joys have juggled me through publications. Learning and taking in these qualities has set me up for a future in journalism and I plan to travel far.

Ashton Nichole, Writer

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DaVinci Student Newspaper established as a public forum