Cheerleaders MIA

Girls Are Not in the Air

Emma Goodwin, Reporter

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Cheering has been in Davinci since 2011 and our girls are taking advantage of it. Starting out at 14 and now only left with 11, our girls are going missing. The number gap may not seem big, but it truly does make a difference. One pod down and maybe more to go.

Everyone knows our original davinci cheer “Lets go Dragons!”,  but without our cheerleaders who will be the ones to make us the loudest? The proudest? No cheerleaders have cheered at any of our volleyball games but we absolutely need them at our basketball games. Embarrassment is upon us already watching other team’s cheerleaders cheering for volleyball while davinci’s are nowhere to be found.

Remember girls didn’t drop off just to drop off. Every girl who isn’t there anymore is gone for very personal reasons. Not because it was hard, not because they didn’t feel like it. And for the girls still on the team, they have the title “Davinci Cheerleader” for a reason. Only the best, are put on the team.

Although things may not be doing so great for our team, our girls still have their loyal supporters. For example, when asked the question, “What do you think of our our cheerleaders?” a fellow freshman of DaVinci, Bliss Vandeventer replied with,

“The cheerleaders are actually doing good. I didn’t get to see the assembly but i heard they girls did great!”.

When it comes to the double edged sword, everyone has their own side to a story and no opinion matters more than anyone else’s. But do remember, basketball tryouts are next week and we need to have our cheerleaders there for our games. Lets just hope we see them soon. If not, what will we do?


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