Our Athletics: Training

Getting fit for life!

Ivy Rose Stuart, Writer

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Athletic training takes a long time and a ton of effort. It’s a lifelong process and it kicks your behind everyday but the outcome is what makes all of the sweat and tears worth it. What exactly is the process to begin athletic training and becoming very effective at it?

To begin training takes a lot of passion and motivation to push towards the better outcome.

Mrs. Rosine, our health and physical education teacher, had some good reasons to start training for sports.

“In my opinion, all athletes should train before any event. One, it helps build their endurance and muscular strength. It prevents injuries and overall helps the athlete prepare mentally and physically.”

1. Put On Athletic Clothes

It is super important to wear the right type of shoe so that you don’t injure your ankles. Wearing athletic clothes gives you more motion and keeps you cooled off. Don’t worry, they’re supposed to smell.







2. Get Some Water

Staying hydrated is the most important thing that any athlete should know. It keeps your energized and alert. If you fail to stay hydrated, your body can shut down in various ways. (i.e. Heat Stroke, dehydration, passing out..)







3. Go To The Gym

Make sure you have a great place to begin your training. Go to your school’s gymnasium, a fitness club, or even your neighborhood’s sidewalk can work. Having a comfortable atmosphere to work out in is important.







4. Do Some Warm-Up Cardio

Warm-up those muscles! Jog around the gym a couple times or run a half-mile to get those muscles ready to train. Cardio is key to your endurance.








5. Stretch

Most athletes forget to take a minute or two to stretch their muscles. Stretching prevents pulled muscles and other injuries. You probably won’t be able to fol your whole body in half but at least try.








6. Do Some Core

Working your abs out helps keep your body balanced. Once you get your core in check, the rest of your body catches up. Everyone wishes they had that 6-pack but they don’t want to put in the work. Make sure YOU put in the time and effort.









Like mentioned before, water is crucial to your workout. Don’t forget to hydrate.








8. Lift Weights

Building muscle increases your strength and endurance level. It helps keeps your body tight and toned. Fun Fact: Building muscle doesn’t make you weigh less, it actually makes you weigh more.







9. Ending Cardio

This type of cardio is when you push your body past it’s breaking point. It finishes your workout but most importantly builds more space to add in more distance. (i.e. Ladders, 5K..)









10. Stretch Down

Stretching after you have finished your exercise helps prevent your muscles from getting tight later on. It lets the muscle fibers contract and compress.









11. Drink More Water

Though it may be a little redundant, you just gotta.









12. Get Some Good Rest

Sleeping helps your body refresh and heal itself. Sleep is the best medicine out there.










They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Let’s make sure you create a good one.


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