Our Athletics: Coach Clark

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Our very own Coach Clark is the man who runs it all. Being the Athletic Director, Physical Education teacher, and occasional sports coach is probably one of the hardest jobs at our school. He is the man the orchestrates the games and practices. He is the one who helps out students and athletes when they are injured. Clark is practically the school nurse, might I add. But he still manages his composure and continues to help the athletic department in every way possible.DSC_0004

What exactly started his passion for athletics?

Chad Clark was a baseball player for many years, but soon gave up the sport one day at practice. Though, when I asked him what his now favorite sport is, he replied with: “My favorite sport? Tackle football, American style. The only sport.”

His inspiration to begin teaching sports and coaching teams began when he volunteered as a football coach, thinking he just wanted to coach and once he realized that he was having so much fun with the students, he wanted a teaching profession. He says that sports have influenced his life in every way possible. They are the reason he does what he does every day. Sports are the reason he is an athletic director and coach. Because of  all of the coaches and authority figures that have taught him so many lessons over the years, he feels like he needs to move that forward and do the same thing.

Clarks’s gym classes are always known to be fun and laid back. He makes sure that every student pushes themselves and also feels comfortable. He thinks that participating in sports teaches teenagers a variety of life lessons such as working with others, how to be responsible, how to come through when people are counting on you, and basically how to be accountable. Coach Clark is a strong advocate for athletic training through sports.

The number one tip he would give his highschool-self is to be more confident. He says to listen to the people around you telling you how good you are.

Whether a game is canceled, an athlete is injured, or he didn’t get to lift yesterday, Coach Clark is always in a good mood, willing to help. He is the top of the athletic pyramid here at DaVinci.

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