Two Teams, One Sport, One Goal

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On Saturday, Feburary 21st, our mighty basketball teams took the trip to southern Utah to fight for glory. The boys and girls basketball teams have fought vigorously all season to make it to the USSA State Championships. And they made it, indeed. Their only thought in mind was to take the biggest trophy home.

The 2014-2015 basketball season has been a timeline of injuries, sadly. Two knee surgeries, hospitalization for bruised ribs, two concussions, hospitalization for torn ligaments, and just sprains in general. That really tallies up how committed our athletes are. They were the first ones to get shot down in their platoon, but the war kept going. Despite the injuries, our two teams pulled through all the way to state championships.

With the Girl’s Team being led by captains Lexie Lucero, Amanda Arnold, and Beth Froerer, the girls passed and shot their way to 2nd place overall. Our Lady Dragons played for 5 consecutive hours and never let up. They anticipated the rough matches against teams from around the state, so the training that took place in preparation for this tournament really payed off. Girl power!

Captains Noah Hughes and Jalil Wyllie inspired the Boy’s Team to push through no matter the circumstances. The boys may make it look easy, but when asked, they will explain how hard it is to keep up. State Championships were no surprise to this “dream team”. Their coaches made sure they knew how fast-paced it will get on the court. So, with all of the fighting, our mighty boys brought home 4th place. Good job, guys!

To summarize this amazing season, I would like to point out how hard it is to keep up with a team. With school, homework, jobs, family, AND basketball to top it off, these young athletes really had to work hard. This season was full of heart break, injuries, and family bonding. That’s what makes our athletic department different; you create a family on the court.

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