Undertale Review- (SPOILER ALERT)

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Undertale Review- (SPOILER ALERT)

Alex Raynes, Reporter

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Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Undertale is a 2-dimensional role-playing game by Toby Fox.

The story takes place in the year 201x and is about a human child named Frisk who decides to explore Mount Ebott and fall into a place called the underground. The underground is inhabited by monsters who used to live with the humans until a war broke out and the humans were victorious trapping all of the monsters underground by a magical barrier which can be broken by the souls of seven humans. At least one soul from both a monster and a human can have one living creature pass through.

Some of the characters you meet include Toriel, a goat who left her position as queen to protect any human who accidentally falls into the underground, Papyrus, a skeleton willing to capture a human just to join the underground’s royal guards, Alphys, the royal scientist who’s always watching you and always helps you, and so many more characters.

The Art Style is a retro 16-bit environment. The game progress can be decided by your actions and there are 3 endings that I know of which are the true pacifist, where you spare everyone, true genocide, where you kill everyone, or the normal ending where it’s a mix of both.

Overall, the game has made me feel different things at time to time like some of the moments can be funny and some can be a bit frustrating to me. The story is sort of original and interesting to me, and the characters are unique and can make me laugh sometimes.

There are a few things that I would add/change in the game like an actual pause menu, a notification in the battle letting you know when you can spare the monster, and settings.

In conclusion, Undertale is definitely one of the best PC games of 2015 and will possibly be one of the best PC games of 2016. It has that amazing story, entertaining characters, and overall, one of the best games I have ever encountered.

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