Dying to finish the year

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Dying to finish the year

Makayla Hansen, Writer

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As the school year comes close to  an end, students seem to have a different reaction.

Each grade seems to change emotions. Ninth graders are ready for summer break. Tenth graders are exhausted from the school year. Eleventh graders are annoyed from having to push for that one, last year before they’re free.

And seniors? They seem in between all of this. Some seniors are excited for high school to be out and college to start. Some are tired and exhausted from twelve years of lectures and learning. Some are completely… mortified. Some seniors are prepared for the moment high school is out. And some aren’t even close.

When the senior year hits, usually towards the middle to the end of the year, seniors realize how close they are to becoming an adult.

They will have to pay for that car and its insurance, AND the gas that goes into it.

Soon they’ll have to pay for the new apartment they are renting and all the food that they plan to eat.

Soon enough, they’ll look back on the 17+ years they lived at home, and for some, it’ll seem like a luxury. Going to school full time and work afterwards and getting to spend the money they earn on the things they WANT, not just need.

(Never talk to your parents about how they get to do everything they want to do.)

Some didn’t have to worry about whether or not they were going to make payments on a car, the electricity, water, garbage or cellphone.

They didn’t worry about how much money they had to make from our job, to live a somewhat decent life.

We were told all our lives that we’d have to do this some day, but we put that all behind us and didn’t really ever think of it again… Until senior year.

We forgot to thank our parents for the home-cooked meals and the clothing we have on our backs.

Noah Hughes brilliantly put it as, “It’s the end of the beginning of our lives.” Leaving home takes a lot of bravery as we push from the place we’ve known so well and with graduation just a few weeks away… seniors are getting into a euphoric numbness.

Melissa Stamp mentioned, that with graduation being so close, it scares her because she’s leaving her home behind to gain more experience in the real world.

Becoming an ‘adult’ is tough. We need to learn how to save and plan for the future. We’ve been learning these skills since kindergarten and we’re finally about to put it to use.

We’re getting our jobs now and going to school. The future lies ahead.

It’s a blank slate.  Good luck.

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