Summer Activities

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Summer Activities

Alexander Raynes, Reporter

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School is coming to a close with just weeks until the last day of school and that means that summer vacation is just around the corner. Two and a half months of just kicking back and just doing absolutely nothing until the next school year arrives.

However, maybe just sleeping and playing video games through the entire summer isn’t the best way to enjoy it. Maybe there is a better way to spend the greatest school break before the next school year.

Summer is full of opportunities for perfect times to do some fun activities and sports including hiking, biking, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and it just keeps on going.

You can also go out and spend your summer going to places in the city. Why not go to the pool, check out the gym, head on over to somewhere fun like Toads or Boondocks.

You can also go travel out of the city and visit distant relatives. Also, why not tour around different countries like the UK, Paris, Rome, etc.

Another great way to spend a great summer is to learn and practice a new hobby. Maybe you have a hobby that you haven’t done in a while that you could get back to. Maybe you want to start a hobby but you don’t know any. For those people, some hobbies include music writing, game making, photography, acting, or crocheting.

There are many ways to enjoy the summer fun, from hiking to sports, from going to Japan to working out at the gym. It doesn’t matter what people decide to do, you can just do what you want to do.

Have a great summer.

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