Social Media Stalkers

Madyson Boydstun, Writer

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Social media may not seem like a very dangerous thing, but it can be. Every time you post a photo or status, even update private information, you are leaking out your personal life. Social media stalkers can then track you down and over several things can happen to you.

The dangers in social media are rarely pointed out and need to be brought to teens attention. We as a community need to make sure our teens are being safe and using social media appropriately.

“Students don’t realize how dangerous social media can be. I think teenagers, until they have an experience, don’t realize how dangerous social media is. I think a lot of times students think danger in the sense of like something happening to them.”

— Mr. Post

“What they need to realize is them posting certain things can cause problems. As a school we need to properly educate and train kids of what’s appropriate to say on social media and how to have appropriate interactions.

“A lot of that responsibility comes from homes. Parents need to be involved as well, to make sure that kids aren’t getting into social media traps. So, as a school, we have to reenforce that, to say don’t do this kind of stuff.

“We have an assembly in the fall every year called Net Smart Training. It basically goes over social media, cyber bullying, it will talk about what’s appropriate to say in text messages, and everything else. We try to educate the kids as best as possible.

“We fully are aware that some of that is not being heard and kids say and do pretty dangerous things on social media.” -Mr. Post

You never know what an outcome can be in a post, status, friend request, or follow. Several teens are attacked on social media everyday. Even students you may know have gone through certain events that cannot be stopped.

“I have been stalked on social media multiple times. I always felt very threatened in a way to where I didn’t even feel safe coming to school. I started out by just keeping it to myself, thinking it would go away, and that it would it just stop. When it continued further I realized that I had to go tell someone and when that happened nothing happened. It never stopped.” -Chyanne Bull

Sometimes they continue off of other accounts. “I was stalked on social media and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I tried my best to ignore it, until it got out of hand, and then I blocked them. It didn’t stop after I blocked them. They continued on separate accounts.” -Sierra Thompson

Social media stalkers aren’t just people you don’t know, they can also be people you do know. These kinds of social media stalkers fall under cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying happens over any social media or even through text. A negative comment towards how someone looks, something they believe in, or even towards something they love, can affect them emotionally and mentally.

You may not think it’s offensive, but it can be. Remember, you’re messages are being read through a screen. They can’t hear how you’re actually saying something.

Did you know 18 out of 30 students who attend DaVinci have been stalked/cyber bullied. Even 1 out of 4 teachers that work at DaVinci have even been stalked/cyber bullied. These students and teachers were attacked by peers, complete strangers, and even friends.

Little do these cyber bullies and stalkers know, cyber bullying leads to suicide or self harm. Our staff and students will start to feel unwanted, take things to heart, and have a seeping feeling of them being alone.

They may not be alone physically, but you never know how anyone feels mentally. If we could get teens and adults to understand how to use social media correctly, our 18 out of 30, and 1 out of 4 could be lower.

DaVinci is supposed to be a family. We are not supposed to be like every other school, we need to support each other. Students here should be helping their peers who are being cyber bullied or stalked, get help.

Don’t let anyone in our family feel alone and use social media incorrectly. Social media is no laughing matter. It can be fun, but make sure that you are using it correctly. Anything can get out of hand and anyone can affect you through a computer/phone screen.

Remember that anytime you accept a friend request or follow someone random or someone you know, you are letting them into your personal life.

Social media stalkers and cyber bullies can pick up any information you have from your accounts, so be safe and use social media appropriately.





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