Mr. Stephenson

Alex Raynes and Junaid Naveed

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Mr. Keith Stephenson has been teaching at DaVinci Academy for five years. He teaches English/LA and history to students with IEP/504 accommodations and other special education needs.

Having graduated from Weber State University with a double major in English and Psychology, he decided a few years later, to get his teaching certification with an emphasis in special education for K-12 from Utah State University.

He initially started his teaching career with the Ogden City School District, assisting them to integrate technology into their special education program. DaVinci Academy was looking for someone with those credentials to do the same here. At the end, he chose us because “it is a unique opportunity for me to work in the IEP department and use some of the skills I have.”

People usually have a dream career when they are little, but Mr. Stephenson has been set on becoming a teacher since birth.

I think I’ve always kind of been a teacher. When I was a teenager, I was a martial arts instructor, and wen I was in college, I was an English tutor. When I graduated, I was  tutor for GED classes and [assisted in the] community writing center.

Mr. Stephenson chose working in the special education field because when he was working in a general position with Ogden City SchoolDistrict, he met some other special education teachers and had conversations with them about using technology to help students with learning disabilities and mobility issues. From there on, he grew a passion for helping the disadvantaged.

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