National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

Junaid Naveed, Chief Business Officer

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NHSIn 1916, a group of school leaders established the National Association of Secondary School Principals, commonly known by its acronym: NASSP, or website address:, an organization focused on assisting in strengthening and easing their roles as the head of the education system, by providing professional resources and recommendations for laws and policies that affect their position or school. Their main goal is now to “provide a national voice” and improve teaching.

Five years later, they created the National Honor Society, frequently called by its acronym: NHS, which “recognizes outstanding high school students.” Members are hand-selected by school and chapter  administrators on the basis of high morals and dedication for being actively involved in improving their school and community. The amount and magnitude of previous service and leadership is also taken into consideration, and is most of the information asked on the application. They must also exemplify the four pillars of NHS: character, leadership, scholarship, service.

DSC_0047 DSC_0040 DSC_0026It is called “

the most prestigious organization a student can join”

— Mrs. Taylor

” by both their About Us webpage and Mrs. Taylor, DaVinci Academy’s club adviser. According to President Mason Norvell, this is due to the high standards required to attain and maintain membership. However, those requirements are at the sole discretion of the chapter administrators and are usually limited in terms of consequence. A non-member student, whose name will not be revealed, strongly believes that “several other clubs look better on a resume or college application,” such as Student Government, which helps improve every student’s experience, and the Red Cross Club & Youth Services, which does service for the whole community and not just the school.

Although NHS excels and requires participation in all its pillars, the main focus has always been on service. Members are required to perform an individual project, in addition to a chapter wide one. A project differs from simply volunteering in the sense that you have a goal and purpose, in addition to a definite task to complete. Most of the service provided by our school’s chapter are not for the community, but rather for DaVinci students. They have previously tutored students in all academia after school and run book drives, but are now looking to find more projects for service building a book exchange or portable library.

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