Focus by Ariana Grande

Jonathan Marley, Writer

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Ariana Grande’s new song is about focusing on her; she wants the attention and you not to wonder somewhere else. Her song says that she came here for a reason and she wont leave without doing what she came for she is really determined and no one can change her mind or peruse her to do something else.

She doesn’t care what people say about her just let them keep on saying what they say she won’t let someone hold her down. When she shows herself in that little circle she means that she is stuck in one place and wants to be free because sometimes its kind of hard to block the people that are being rude to you or mean but she wont let them get in her way.

Lots of people like her new song but others hate it because its over-played by many people. Her new song is pretty popular about 2,200,312 people like it and 273, 228 hate it. Some people that her new song isn’t the best of her singles like Love Me Harder and One less Problem just to name a few.


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