Mrs. Seneff – “You think I’m Boring ?”

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Mrs. Seneff – “You think I’m Boring ?”

Shahab Khan

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Mrs. Seneff is a Robotics and College and Career she is new to DaVinci and this is also her first year here including many other teachers like Mr. Gorton or Ms. Edwards just to name a few. She came to DaVinci because she knew people who’s children went here and they all loved the school, Mrs. Seneff has been teaching for 30 years!. She was born and raised for most of her life in Rupert, Idaho also she got her Engineering degree in Idaho and is currently working on getting her masters.

Now most people would say she would be a bit boring because she teaches robotics right? Well DaVinci is an amazing school and so are our teachers! Mrs. Seneff used to build modified stock race cars and race them!

“When I go play golf with my husband I HATE IT SO MUCH! There is no rush nothing is fun so every now and then he’ll catch me doing a burn out with the golf cart. I just want life to be a fast.”  If all that wasn’t enough she likes to party and ski!

Mrs. Seneff has had many awards given to her like National Business Teacher award and Best Technical Writing award. When she was asked what is important to her about teaching she replied ” It is important to me that my students are on a path to reaching their aspirations, I want to make a difference in their lives.”

Mrs. Seneff also loves to go rock hunting which pretty much is hunting for rocks for say a rock collection, Also she loves to read and collect old books.

Mrs. Seneff Loves DaVinci and is really happy to be here ” I am planning on being here till I die.”

Mrs. Seneff’s Junior High Robotics team did very well they took home the championship and one team won the TSA for best App in State and each won tablets and got a $5000 grant for the school!

She is an amazing teacher and is one of a kind we welcome her to DaVinci and hope to see many years to come with her !


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