There are Snow many possibilities.

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There are Snow many possibilities.

Makayla Hansen, Writer

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Snow. It is freezing, cold, icy, watery, wet, and not a lot of fun to play in when you don’t have the right materials on your body. But when you are all bundled up in coat after coat, have six dozen pairs of socks on, boots that go all the way up to your chest, water proof gloves on and a large body heater inside your coat, the fun begins.

Trista Bettfreund said ” It is cold, wet, icy, white. It isn’t fun.”

The endless possibilities of building forts and snowmen then have snowball fights. You can go skiing and snowboarding and fall down and laugh. Sledding is fun until you hit trees and spin out of control. Paul Mobley said ” I like it because basketball season starts, doing donuts in the parking lot, sliding feet and sliding wheels.”

Camille Ewing said “I hate snow. I hate it because it’s cold and wet and ruins the world.” Camille is from California. She’s been here in Utah for eight years and still isn’t a big fan of snow.

Angel Prieto said ” I hate it. I am Mexican and Mexicans only like warm weather. I’m like a Chihuahua, I can only live in the warm.”

The cold weather is what most people don’t like about winter. When winter hits, many people tend to stay inside. Some people take this time of the season to get out and do the hobbies they have been waiting for.

Mason Stegen says, “One of the best seasons of the year is winter. Winter seems to transcend the rest of the seasons and then it’s gone like your breath in the wind.” Like some others, Mason likes the winter season. He enjoys the cold weather.

Forrest Ward said ” I like it because it’s cold. My favorite thing about winter is the coldness.”




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