Basketball At DaVinci 2015-2016

Shahab Khan, Writer

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Here at DaVinci we have a variety of sports, 6 which are Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer leading, Bowling, and Cross Country.

Basketball clinics were held on Thursday, November 5th from 3:15-4:45. First cuts were held on the following day on Friday, boys cuts took place from 1:30-3:30. Also on Monday November 9th boy’s final cuts were held from 3:15-4:45. All tryouts were held at DaVinci Academy’s gym located on the north side of the building.

Many students came to clinics in a variety of grades and ages from 7th grade all the way to 12th. No one gave up at clinics the coach made it clear that tryouts were the following day but clinics weren’t something you should just ignore or not care about ” Clinics or not we are looking for talent and people who want to really push hard and give it their best” said Coach Benson.

At tryouts over 30 students showed up and gave it their very best. “After seeing the kids who came to Clinics, we don’t have height but we do have lots of skill” said Jason Ricks. Out of all those students only 12-14 will be chosen due to the fact that in a Basketball team usually 5 players are on the court at once.

15 players are on the team this year and their names are Jason Ricks, Gavin Lepore, Addison Budge, Avery Vaux, Micheal Ricks, Shane Martinez, Alex Nickish, Anthony Castillo, Ben Hastings, Steven Rimmasch, Matt Vlahos, Jayce Hardy, Brody Mittens, Paul Mobley, and Bronson Castillo.

” I feel like we will do great because we have lots of skill and potential” said Addison Budge who is a player on the team this year. 5 of the players this year will graduate and some are worried about the team’s performance in the following years ” I think we are young but very coach-able and we will have a great season for both the girls and boys basketball team” said Coach Clark.

More than enough players are on the team including two managers there is a total of 15 players on the team but most of them are young players, the youngest player is in the 8th grade. Here is what Jayce Hardy said about the young kids at the team ” I think it’s great it means more future for our team.”.

So young age is  not a bad thing to the team instead it is a great thing and in the years to come “we will have more veterans for our team”- Anthony Castillo.

Many people have said that we lost a lot of amazing players last year and the team this year will not go near the championship. Here is what Anthony Castillo who is one of the players on the team said “Even if we lose star players we can make more out of anyone, we might fumble this season but we will do good!”- Anthony Castillo

Will DaVinci take home a trophy this season?.

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