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Inside the life of Amina Naveed

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Amina is a ninth grade student who lived in Pakistan and then came to Utah and is now attending Davinci.

She is very dedicated to her school and studies because her parents gave up their life to provide better schooling. She works hard, is on the honor roll, and is very dedicated because she does not want to disappoint her parents.

Something that she works very hard at in school is retaining all the knowledge and being able to remember it. She also works hard at being able to use the knowledge in the real word. Amina participates in Mock Trial and is in debate.

Amina said, that when it comes to homework she gets right to it when she gets home. “I don’t procrastinate and that helps me to get good grades and be on the honor roll.”

A college that Amina wants to get into and is looking at is Harvard. That is another reason she works very hard at her grades because that is a hard college to get into. A main reason that she is looking at that college is because it has a good law program and she is interested in that field for career.

When asked how does she live with Junaid she simply answered ” I just live with him.”

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