Generations of Figueira teaching

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Generations of Figueira teaching

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Mr. Figueira has always wanted to be a teacher ever since the seventh grade. He said he had a band teacher in seventh grade that inspired him to be a teacher.

A few years later he had given up on teaching, because he had not found a school he wanted to teach at then he got a phone call from Mr. Slee who needed help teaching a class.

Mr. Figueira came in and never left he said. He fell in love with the school and the students. He has taught at Da Vinci for four years now.

A lot of his family were and are teachers, and it has made his job easier for him because they are very supportive. His dad is a teacher and is mother in law is a teacher.

Mr. Figueira went to college at Full Sail University, in Winter Park, Florida, and majored in media design. He designed book covers.

Other jobs he did before teaching at Da Vinci included photographing and videoing weddings.  He also wanted to be a professional photographer as a career before he became a teacher.

Mr. Figueira runs the photography and stage crew clubs. His knowledge and skills in building, lighting, and plays, has taught him how to run stage crew.

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