Deeper into Simonson

Meeting the man behind the math

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Deeper into Simonson

William Bachman, Reporter

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Deloy Simonson is a second year teacher at DaVinci Academy, and having taught multiple subjects, is now focusing solely on mathematics.

He chose to teach because he had been teaching his whole life, and he believes he owes it to his children. They are all special needs students and some of them have dropped out because of a teacher.

His favorite class to teach is math but he can also teach history and science. He teaches out of pure interest in the subject and is always ready and excited to learn more. He loves all genre of music aside from rap and hard Rock but he will listen to other styles if he’s in the mood for that genre.

His dream car is a Ford Mustang because “they just have that power”. His life plans are to teach as long as possible and then travel the world and see the places where his ancestors had once lived and where they died.

He played sports in high school; he played volleyball and basketball but his favorite, by far, is volleyball.

Simonson has a family of six children and his wife whom he’s been married to for 38 years. He has had many jobs before teaching including: banking, professional driving, welding, building airplanes, and then he chose teaching because he believes “everything’s connected.”  

His favorite things to do outside of school are reading and the study of genealogy. He has tracked his family tree all the way to William Wallace himself.


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