Janitors- Especially Ours

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Janitors- Especially Ours

Anthony Castillo, Writer

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Janitors are all over the world. They say the single greatest thing about being a cleaning service professional, is that you are truly making a difference to public health. They love to make a change, and always willing to clean what is needed.

A cleaning career is an easy profession depending on what you do, it is also really fun to get in to. There are always opportunities like cleaning a elementary school, or a sports stadium, that might be a good chance to get free tickets to a game or make a lot of money in one day. Janitors can definitely exercise some great responsibility when they have a crew to work with.

Students act like they have it hard but when the janitor has to clean up their nasty messes, it can be pretty disgusting. There cannot be a school or hospital that can function well without tidiness. The janitor here at DaVinci, MR. Anthony Gonzales, works his hardest and there is always trash, food, etc on the floor.

Mr. Gonzales doesn’t have a problem cleaning up any messes; he loves his job.

“Don’t stop doing what you do ’til it becomes a habit, ” Mr. Gonzales says.

The brand new carpets have already been spotted and he is the one who has to clean it up. Being a janitor is not the best paying job, but it will be helpful later on in life.

Mr. Gonzales is the first person at the school in the morning to make sure the school is clean before he can let anyone in. He is an inspiration because he tells us to keep on going and not give up on school, friends, and homework.

Give him a hand by picking up after yourself.

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