Coach Anderson sets DaVinci volleyball team up for success

Sarah Dwailabee

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On Friday August 28 the girls and boys volleyball roster was posted. Many girls tried out but only twelve were able to make it. Only two boys were cut from the team. The boys seemed to have a harder time than the girls because they were fairly new.

Briana Martinez was someone who tried out but unfortunately was cut from the team. She said she was “relieved so she could get better.” Her sister made the team, like Briana said she would.

Reactions of the girls and boys were different. Some girls/boys were very happy and some were discouraged. Last year the volleyball team they took 3rd for the state championships, and have won it twice before.

Coach Anderson’s goal is to win state. The main things that she looks for is great overhand serves and passing. She says that she has a very great team this year and is exited for the season. But if a player misses a game they sit for the next game. Her coaching style to keep them positive and is big on feed back. Coach Anderson says there was a huge tryout this year and that there were so many girls at the same level. she thanks everyone that tried out.

“Don’t be discouraged try out next year” encourages Coach Anderson.

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