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How to Graduate High School

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High school… BLECH! I know a way that you can graduate high school… and this is quite possibly early for you tenth and eleventh graders.

First, we need a fact or two. Did you know that high-schoolers that graduate from high school earn Seventy-four % more than those who don’t? High school is the single most powerful predictor of whether or not you will make or break the poverty cycle! That is a very difficult and scary thing to process! So, since everyone knows teens need more shoulders to care their burdens… this article is here to help. There will be more articles going on about jobs you can take and how to get them, what you need in college, what college might be better for your career choice. But first we need to graduate high school.


At DaVinci you need to have 29 COMPLETE CREDITS. That’s a little bit more than regular public schools. No Lazy Lou’s in DaVinci Academy! Graduating high school is an easy thing to do. You don’t need straight A’s and a perfect attitude (though it might keep your sanity throughout graduation and high school) and a Bachelors degree… this is high school, not college. You just need to get all your credits.

Mrs. Taylor, our fellow teacher and DaVincian, told the newspaper that her advice for juniors and seniors is to first, ‘take advantage of the time you have and enjoy it, try to enjoy the little things don’t let drama fill up your life. Drama is like eating frosting all the time. It just makes you sick and it adds NO nutritional value.


If you want graduate high school early… you need to do a few things. Let’s get started!

First: You need to talk with you schools counselor to see if graduating is even an option for you. In order to graduate high school early you are going to have to take certain classes. Your counselor can also help create a schedule that allows you to take each of these new courses.

Second: Take advanced classes. While taking these kinds of courses, you can finish high school on time and get college credits.

Third: High schools give breaks for lunch or study hall… USE THESE TIMES to get extra work done or extra classes.

Fourth: Learn online! Now-a-days most of us have computers and if not then we are almost all capable of getting to one.

Fifth: Try and consider concurrent enrollment in at a local college.

Sixth: Take the GED test or similar equivalent from the state you live in. These tests are a stand-in for a regular high school diploma, a passing score that might enable you to graduate high school early

Seventh: This one is the hardest because everyone knows that nobody wants to give up their warm, breezy, hot, sticky, sweaty summer break, but taking summer school can really help you get extra credits and those can also go to graduating high school early.


These are simple, easy ideas that can help determine your life and career choices. Be on the look out for these kinds of opportunities and be on the look out for more of these  “how to’s”. Enjoy!

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