Grease it’s electrifying: C and A watch Grease

Anthony Medellin and Creighton Flores

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Grease is about Danny and Sandy. They are first introduced at a beach, Danny was really loving and sweet, but they split up because Sandy has to go back to Australia. She ends up not going back to Australia but going to the same school Danny goes to. She doesn’t find out that he was here until her new friends show her that he’s there. He acts like a jerk and she gets really upset and goes with another guy.  They end up getting back together but Danny makes her upset and she leaves angry at him again. She realizes that she loves him and wants to be like him so she changes herself for him but at the same time he is changing himself for her. They get back together and she looks a lot different and Danny has on a Letterman jacket. They sing one last song before the movie ends and you can tell that Danny does not care what his friends think about him.


Grease won two awards from People’s Choice Awards, USA. They won favorite overall motion picture and favorite musical motion picture in 1979. Grease was also nominated for Golden Globes, USA. The categories it was nominated for were, best motion picture, best motion picture actor(John Travolta), best motion picture actress(Olivia Newton-John), best original song – motion picture(Barry Gibb), and best original song – motion picture(John Farrar). Grease was also nominated for many other awards but they unfortunately did not win.


I really liked grease because it shows two different sides of Danny. When he is around his friends and when he meets Sandy at the beach, when he isn’t around his friends. I like Grease because there are still many people that are like that. He had a reputation to keep up, which is that he can’t be seen falling in love with one girl because that’s isn’t “cool” to the people in his gang. He was the leader of T-birds gang. Sandy was also a “good girl” so that made it even more “uncool” for Danny to fall for her. I give this movie five dragons out of five.-C


Grease is a great movie. The plot of the movie was like a lot of romance movies but the music was just about amazing. The acting was some of the best I have seen; I felt like I was really there with them. The connection between Danny and Sandy felt like they were more than just actors. It felt like they really love each other. The music was very well written and it always when along with the movie. I like how throughout the movie Danny was trying to be more like Sandy. Sandy was trying to become like him. I would rate this movie five out of five dragons.-M

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